Friday, January 4, 2019

Ergging has begun

We've started winter conditioning. The regional erg pull is six weeks from tomorrow on February 16th. Time to start working on your strength, power and endurance!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ergs come home to roost

After spending the summer at various homes and garages, our eleven ergs have started to return to roost. This winter we'll be above the cafeteria in a heated and conditioned space, instead of above the gym in the mechanical space. If you still have one, please bring it home!

Monday, October 22, 2018

A new project - Tempo Rubato

A relatively new Hudson "Great White" heavyweight single owned by the Hampton Roads Rowing Club (HRRC) named Tempo Rubato was damaged "beyond repair" - according to the manufacturer - and was given to us. The damage occurred when another boat was dropped on the single as it sat in the boathouse on a rack.

The boat has a huge break that will require me to basically rebuild a couple of feet of the hull and deck with carbon and Nomex core. The project is no more complicated as what I did three years ago with Wildcat where the two ends were actually separated from the hull. I hope to have Tempo Rubato usable by the spring. It would be suitable for rowers that weigh 180-220 pounds.

As of now, the bow is still attached by a couple of battens taped to the hull.

Once repaired (even if a pound or two heavier than the designed weight), this single will be a nice addition to our sculling fleet. A boat of this quality is worth over $5000!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Oyster Reef Regatta

Charlie T. represented the school on October 7th in the Oyster Reef regatta, a head race sponsored by the EVSRA. He completed the three mile course in 27:51, a time better than two men's junior fours, all of the mixed eights, all of the women's junior fours, two of the women's junior eights and three of the men's junior eights! Results are below.

I'll be uploading videos of his start sequence and the finishing sprint soon. His next challenge is the Head of the Lafayette on the 21st.

Charlie was recognized as the BSCHS athlete of the week in this tweet (even though Lyndsey can't tell the difference between sailing and rowing!)

Congrats Charlie!