Sunday, August 4, 2019

Learn-to-Row sessions scheduled Saturday 9:00-11:00

Try a new sport! 

The CHS rowing team is recruiting new members

Rowing (aka crew) at Catholic High School is a varsity sport with competition among 17 area high school teams, both private and public, during the spring season. Because there is no organized “youth rowing” programs all high school students enter the sport as equals. If you’re intrigued with a new sport and you want to start even with everyone else, rowing may be the ticket.

To see if you might like the sport, Coaches Bousquet, O’Brien and Turner will offer free learn-to-row sessions on Saturday mornings from 9:00-11:00 beginning Saturday, August 17th and continuing through the fall for new (or returning) students at Catholic. The sessions will be held at the Robinson Rowing Center at Lakewood Park in Norfolk. Monitor the team blog: for additional dates and times. Feel free to e-mail Coach Bousquet at for more information or drop by room 205 and speak with him in person. Novices are welcome - both girls and boys for both a rowing position or for sitting in the coxswain's seat.

So what might being on the rowing team be like? Below are a few quotes from previous year’s novices.

This was my first year doing crew and I didn't know what to expect but I ended up finding a sport that I really like. I have learned what it's like to rely on teammates and how much my team mates rely on me. I really enjoyed being out on the water and becoming stronger at a new sport.          -Katie O'Brien

I enjoyed learning how to crew for my first year and work as a team with my fellow rowers. I attended "How to Crew" sessions over the summer and developed skills that I used on the racecourse. I have had so much fun this year, and I am planning to row again next season. Go Crusaders!      -Gabby Kayal

My experience on the crew team has been extremely memorable and exciting. I loved being out on the water in nature, being able to forget about the troubles and stresses of school, and row with kids. I formed a bond with everyone on the team, and that is what I enjoyed most about crew.       -Noah Lee

I had a great time this Crew season! The "Learn-How-to-Row" sessions this past summer really helped me prepare and develop the rowing skills needed for the upcoming season. Crew is a worthwhile experience where you can have fun working as a team, as well as developing great relationships and friendships with your teammates! Go Crew and CRU!       -Christy Kayal

During the fall session, it helped me prepare for the upcoming crew season. Once the crew season started, I already knew the basics of rowing and rigging and de-rigging a boat. Another plus was that I had established relationships with the some of the crew team. During the crew season, winning first place in the men's novice 4 boat at the end of the season made me realize that working together as a team was a great accomplishment. I built not only physical strength but also friendships.       -Rolando Banaag

I really enjoyed crew this year and look forward to next year! I met so many new friends and learned great rowing technique that I will be able to use for the crew seasons ahead of me. Go Crusaders!      -Hali Elliott

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Charlie T. medals at States

Charlie T. won a bronze medal in the M-1X event at the State Championship at Occoquan on Saturday May 11th.  His accomplishment is the first time the school has placed at States since first participating in 2012. Well done Charlie!

VASRAResults @vasraresults . 17h
"Race 33: 12:12 PM M-1X
1st - Great Bridge     06:14.6
2nd - Hylton             06:33.1 (00:18.6)
3rd - Sullivan            06:39.4 (00:24.8)
4th - Great Bridge     06:46.0 (00:31.4)
5th - Stone Bridge     06:50.8 (00:36.2)

The conditions on the buoyed, measured 1500 m course were good. Charlie's time of 6:39.4 compares favorable with his 6:33.2 at the regional champs where the course is 150 meters shorter. A better gauge is the separation between the first place finisher, Ryan from Great Bridge who won the regional championships with a margin of  0:37 seconds and Charlie's third place finish. At States, Charlie had reduced it to less than 25 seconds and was moving on the sculler from Hylton who finished 2nd.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Independent Schools Championship

The team

Our seniors, after their last regatta
On Sunday, May 5th (Sink-o-de Mayo) we raced on Lake Whitehurst against the 4 TCIS schools that have rowing teams. In almost all events we finished 2nd behind NA and ahead of NCS and CHC. The forecast was dreadful but we ended up with only about 30 minutes of heavy rain with clearing conditions for most of the morning.

Results below. More to come.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Big Mathews regatta

The MV4+ crew - Evan, Charlie, Mark and Jake, with Olivia coxing

On Saturday May the fourth (be with you) we traveled to Mathews and raced on the North River. Highlights include the MV4+ crew taking first and Charlie T. and the two Charlies placing in their sculling events.

Charlie T. in the single

The two Charlies in the double finishing ahead of the Granby double.
 I'll process the video from the camera mast in the next few days
The weather was pretty benign - no strong winds, or current, or rain/storms - the best we've seen the the past few years at this venue. It was a long day with a departure at 5:15 A.M. and a return to school around 4:00 P.M. Thanks to Gary (our bus driver) and Mr. Bromley (who towed the trailer.)

The girls rowed well. Ashley and Aubrey in the double (their 2nd race and only their 6th time in the boat) and Ashley in the single (her first race.)

The four senior girls

The WV4+ crew - Hayley, Margaret, Delaney, and Aubrey - with JoMarie in the cox seat. 

Results below. More to come.